In other words.. the best worst weekend of my life.

We went home with Evan & Tay for the weekend and met Evan’s parents and stayed the night in his deadset mansion and I got to sleep in my own room for the first time since leaving home which was amazing. We had a big Mexican lunch and then headed to Ann Arbour for the first Michigan State game of the season. We tailgated for a sec with Olivia Steele and her family for her brother’s birthday and headed into the game which was unreal. The MSU stadium is the biggest in the northern hemisphere and there were 110,811 people there. The atmosphere was insane and it was so much fun.

After we went home to Evan’s and hung out with his friend Jordan. The next morning we were off to Spencer’s for a famous Rohatynski darty. Which is where things went uphill and downhill very fast. We drank and ate all day and when the oldies left the young ones kicked on. We played a few rounds of thunderstruck, pyramid, flower cup, flip cup & people were getting buffaloed left, right and centre. Somewhere in the mix, Evan gave us Adderall which apparently makes you feel not as drunk as you actually are. Case and point, it was 4am and we were in the pool and I was drinking tequila straight from the bottle knowing full well I had to be up in 3 hours for the bus to Chicago. Fast forward an hour and I was very unwell but we somehow made it on the bus although I was without my wallet and ID which at the time was a problem for future me.

We eventually made it to the hostel which was so nice but I was still feeling as rough as ever so we had a lowkey night and went for some deep dish and walked part of the Riverwalk.

For our only full day in Chicago, we went to the Bean, Navy Pier, sat on an architecture cruise and caught up with Meijie and Emily for drinks at the London Hotel (where I drank water of course because I didn’t have any I.D). The next morning was just as bad as trying to get to Chicago after we missed the bus back to Grand Rapids. We tried our hand at renting a car but couldn’t because my credit card was back in Grand Rapids and Callum doesn’t have one (nice!). We ended up having to get a bus to Kalamazoo and Uber halfway back to then meet Taylor. Once we got back we went and spent the night with Aidan which was really nice (more on that in my private journal, lmfaooo).

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